The popularity of sport transcends all barriers. Sport has an amazing power to spontaneously unite people as one in solidarity.” – Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary-General

Following the events of recent months Team GB’s outstanding performance so far at the Olympic Games has been a ray of light in what has otherwise been a period of upheaval and uncertainty for the country.

A weekend of medals, including 8 alone on “Super Sunday”, has pushed Team GB (at the time of writing) to second in the overall medals table and well towards its stated pre-games target of 48 medals and has seen the country get behind all of its athletes.

Whether it is the unifying power of sport or a longing for the halcyon summer of 2012 there has clearly been an uplift in the mood of most on their morning commute and in the otherwise ‘glass half empty’ British Press.

With the end of the Olympics in sight no doubt attention will soon revert to the year’s other defining event. Brexit.

For an analysis of the impact on sport, in particular football, on Britain’s departure from the EU see here.