Soccer-bet-concept-with-football-and-moneyTomorrow (13 October 2016), Sports Shorts will be attending the British Association for Sport and Law’s Annual Conference.

The ‘Hot Topics’ session will focus on the rules which govern each football transfer window, how the transfer window began and why we (and the media) have such a fascination with it.

And fascinated we are. Whether we are looking at:

  • A live feed of the deals being done by the top clubs during the window;
  • The money spent during the transfer window;
  • The players who left, joined or were released by our favourite teams;
  • The deals that fell through; and/or
  • Just who or what exactly is involved in the transfer of a player,

we just cannot seem to get enough information (or gossip). It is undoubtable that the transfer window has now become an event in itself.

Given the increasing focus and scrutiny on global football transfer windows, it becomes ever more important that those involved fully understand the rules relating to the transfer window.  The events of the last few weeks, culminating in the resignation of Sam Allardyce as the manager of England and claims that the world game is ‘endemically corrupt’ in player transfers, would seem to suggest that the transfer rules are not as well known (or, perhaps more accurately, as well respected) as they should be.

Sports Shorts looks forward to the Hot Topics session at the BASL Annual Conference tomorrow and will report back on any interesting outcomes from the session.

Squire Patton Boggs has acted for a number of leading Premier League, EFL and international clubs in respect of player transfers.