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Ricky Garard: CrossFit’s First Major Drugs Casualty

In August, Sports Shorts wrote about the updated 2017 CrossFit Games drugs policy (the “Policy”). In the final paragraph, we noted that it was hoped that the low level of breaches would continue and that the Policy would only truly be tested in the event a ‘big name’ athlete was found to have breached it. … Continue Reading

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Combatting Doping in Sport Inquiry: Origin, Scope and Powers

In September 2015, the Department of Culture Media and Sport Committee’s (“Committee”) launched an inquiry into Combatting Doping in Sport Inquiry (“Inquiry”).  This post looks at the origins of the Inquiry, its scope and finishes by looking at its powers and asking whether they are sufficient. Origin Not even the most loyal fan could deny … Continue Reading

Ben Barba: Rugby League, Rugby Union and Cocaine

When a professional athlete tests positive for a prohibited substance, the consequences can be severe.  The athlete may be banned (either for a set period or for the remainder of their lifetime), they may have their results revoked, they may face the imposition of a financial penalty (together with any financial loss that occurs as … Continue Reading

The future of “clean” sport – the debate rages on

Much of the build-up to this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio was dominated by the recommendation from the World Anti-Doping Association (“Wada”) that the entire Russian Olympic team should be banned from competing at the Games. This headline-grabbing recommendation was made following the explosive accusations, contained with an initial report from Professor Richard McLaren, that Russia operated … Continue Reading

Sharapova and Head: are we seeing a shift in sponsors’ attitudes towards morals clauses?

Earlier this month, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”) published its decision in the case of Maria Sharapova in her appeal against a 24-month ban imposed by an Independent Tribunal following a positive test for the prohibited substance meldonium. The CAS reduced Sharapova’s ban from 24 months to 15 months (she will be free … Continue Reading

TUE, or not TUE – that is the question.

When it comes to sport few subjects cause as much debate as doping. It causes myriad issues from a legal, moral and ethical standpoint. Issues such as using the wrong type of Vicks inhaler, failing to go to Barbados to check the banned substance list and hyperandrogenism to name but a few. This week the … Continue Reading

The Russian anti-doping saga continues

Three members the doping control review board (DCRB) for FINA (the international federation for swimming) quit their posts on Sunday 4 September 2016.  The panel members resigned claiming that: (i) the process that was unanimously agreed by the DCRB prior to the Rio Olympics in relation to which Russian swimmers would be allowed to compete … Continue Reading